Motorhome Depot’s Smart Exchange system is designed to help you get the best possible deal if you are both selling your motorhome and buying another one.

When selling your motorhome and buying another one, the key figure here is your price to change – this is the difference in price between the motorhome you are selling and the one you are buying. Typically, if you part exchange your motorhome with a dealer, you may get a good deal on one side of the transaction, but not both. For example, you may get a reasonable offer on the one you are selling but will then have to pay full price on your purchase. Or you may get a discount on your purchase but have to accept a low offer on the one you are selling.

With Motorhome Depot Smart Exchange, we help get you the best possible price for your current motorhome – better than a dealer, trader or by selling privately. This then makes you a cash buyer and in the best position to negotiate a great deal on your next purchase, meaning that your all-important price to change is as low as it is possibly can be.

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