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Thousands of people choose to buy their motorhomes through Motorhome Depot every year. Why?

  • Dealer benefits without the dealer prices. We offer all of the benefits a dealer does, such as part-exchange, finance, insurance and warranty as an optional extra, but our prices are typically lower.
  • A secure transaction. We help you avoid the rising tide of private seller fraud. Our brokers visit every seller, complete the formal documentation and develop a relationship with our clients. Once a sale is agreed, we manage the financial aspects of the transaction.
  • We do the leg work for you. Our brokers provide full, accurate descriptions with multiple photos. You can speak to the broker before viewing a motorhome to ensure it's exactly what you are looking for and that you don't have a wasted journey.
  • We manage the transaction for you. Just like an estate agent, we manage the transaction, negotiating on your behalf and agreeing the deal.
  • Verified ownership. All of the motorhomes sold through us have had ownership and outstanding finance checks so that you can buy with confidence.

Three Easy Steps to Buying Your Perfect Motorhome

  1. Search for your perfect motorhome on this website. Select the specific features or type of motorhome you are looking for and your budget. Set an alert so that you receive details of motorhomes matching your search criteria within 24 hours of coming on to the market.
  2. Call the local broker handling any particular motorhome. Get additional photos and an impartial, detailed description before committing to travel and view it.
  3. View the motorhome and discuss the purchase with the broker. The broker will handle all negotiations and we will manage the secure financial transaction.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Of course, we hope you find your dream motorhome with Motorhome Depot, but wherever you end up buying your used motorhome from, we would like to offer this impartial piece of advice - we suggest having a pre-purchase inspection. The reason for doing this is simply that, no matter what you are buying, you will be investing a significant amount of money. It therefore makes sense to make sure the motorhome doesn't have any hidden problems. There are now a number of companies that provide this exact service - just search using the term "Motorhome pre-purchase inspection". Or you can click on motorhome pre-purchase inspection for details of the service that our sister company Habcheck provides.

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