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Garry Broughton

Garry Broughton

Hi, my name is Garry. Before Motorhome Depot I worked in hospitality and my desire to have exceedingly good customer service skills is a huge priority to me. Whether you are looking to sell your beloved motorhome or searching for your first I will do my upmost to ensure the big decision is as easy and stress free as possible.

Motorhomes for sale in East Yorkshire. The East Riding of Yorkshire, or simply East Riding, is an area in Northern England and can refer either to the administrative county (Local Government Area) of the East Riding of Yorkshire which is a unitary authority, to the ceremonial county (Lieutenancy) of the East Riding of Yorkshire or to the easternmost of the three subdivisions (ridings) of the traditional county of Yorkshire.

No two of these areas share the same geographical boundaries despite sharing the same name. The traditional East Riding of Yorkshire includes parts of ceremonial North Yorkshire such as Filey but not Goole, whereas both the administrative and ceremonial East Riding of Yorkshire include Goole but not those parts of North Yorkshire. Both the traditional and ceremonial East Riding include Kingston upon Hull, but the administrative East Riding does not as Kingston upon Hull is in its own unitary authority. The traditional East Riding covers a larger area than both the ceremonial and administrative East Riding.

The East Riding, North Riding and West Riding were treated as three separate counties for many purposes, such as having separate quarter sessions. In 1889 under the Local Government Act 1888, administrative counties with a county council were created on the historic boundaries. In 1974 both the Local Government Area and the Lieutenancy of the East Riding of Yorkshire were abolished under the Local Government Act 1972, being succeeded in most of the riding by the newly created Humberside which included parts of the West Riding and parts of Lincolnshire. The modern Local Government Area and the ceremonial East Riding of Yorkshire were formed in 1996 from the northern part of Humberside upon its abolition. At the 2011 Census, the population was 334,179.

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