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Missing Piece Child Loss

Lewis Crouch was a much loved, outgoing 16 year old lad. An apprentice mechanic with his life ahead of him. On February 3rd 2017 at 10pm, Lewis was riding his moped home. Only he never made it home. That night, Lewis's parents Garry and Cheryl, received the call that all parents dread. Their son had been killed in a road traffic accident.

Garry and Cheryl were grief stricken and went through one of the worst possible of human experiences - grieving for a lost child. However, they then did something incredible. Having been struck by the lack of support for someone in their situation, they decided to so something about it. They were determined to help other parents who faced the same traumatic experience. In 2019 Garry, Cheryl and daughter Charlotte set up Missing Piece Child Loss charity*. The aim of the charity is simple - to support parents who have lost a child, along with any other family members or friends affected by the loss. The charity recognises that a "Child" is not necessarily just a very young person, and supports families that have lost sons and daughters up to the age of 25.

This cause is very personal to us. Garry and Cheryl are a part of the Motorhome Depot family. But you don't need to be personally connected to someone or to be a parent, to understand the impact that the loss of a child has on a family. The charity is in its early days and support provided includes a national phone counselling service and a local drop-in centre in Nottingham. The drop-in centre allows parents to meet with others in the same situation, share experiences and provide mutual support. Our long term goal is to work with the charity and help it to expand its activities. This would include increasing the amount of counselling available and the number of drop-in centres around the UK. In short, to support as many grieving parents as possible.

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*Missing Piece Child Loss is registered with The Charity Commission, registered charity number 1189444.

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